General Grapefruit is the brains behind LemonSpawn. He possesses an unfortunate over-the-top education in theoretical astronomy, but recently decided to dedicate his corporal chassis to an ascetic life of procedural programming, consumption of alcoholic beverages, playing Path of Exile and the examination of useless stuff (such as the Japanese writing system, Estonoian & finno-ugric grammatical cases and Old Babylonian). His whereabouts are currently unknown, but he was last sighted in the cold outskirts of a northern capital.
Sergeant Citrus is the muscle behind LemonSpawn. What else do you need to know?
Commander Kumquat is LemonSpawn’s prime nautical navigator, exploring the ice cold random Gaussian seas of the north.
Madame Mandarine thoroughly knows how to entertain her crowd by using recursive methods to procedurally alter her very geometry.
Lieutenant Lime sure loves his GPU-based noise plum pudding.

NB: These persons might be somewhat identical.

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