In this gallery, we showcase productions that have been made using the Turbo Rascal Syntax Error (TRSE) framework for the various supported 8 / 16 bit systems.

Emu's Massive HuntVIC 20GameHelp the Emu traverse the Pink Windmill. But watch out, as it’s been overtaken by all kinds of monsters! Made by AndyH/Hewco.Buy / download from hereMay 202467
Kondi KrushC64, Plus4, Amiga 500, TVCGameKondi Krush is the first true cross-platform game developed with TRSE. Made by Róbert Kis / AnyStone.C64
April 202466
FizzVIC 20GameDive into a world of mind-bending challenges with "Fizz", the innovative C64 platform puzzle game now ported for the VIC 20. Made by Andy DaumannDownload itch.ioDec 202365
FizzC64 PalGameDive into a world of mind-bending challenges with "Fizz," the innovative platform puzzle game for the Commodore 64. Made by Andy DaumannDownload from itch.ioSeptember 202364
PaganitzuVZ200GameA port of the DOC PC game Paganitzu for VZ200 and VZ300 computers. Made by Jason Oakley, 100% TRSEDownload from itch.ioMay 202363
Commodorella Eduskuntaan 2023C64 PalIntroThe Finnish Pirate Party's political statement in 2023. Made by GimleDownload from CSDBMarch 202362
LesterC64 PalGameLester is a stylish platform game where you play as an android saving your spaceship on Mars! Made by Knifegrinder, all TRSE!Download from itch.ioJan 202361
The last snowballC64GameA small holiday season game made by CrazySpence. Download from itchDec 202260
A Két Zsivány (The Two Rogues)Commodore Plus4GameWritten by Olivér Orosz. Developed with TRSE. First confirmed Plus4 release!DownloadDec 202259
Snake Games are the Best GamesVIC-20, C64GameHewco's newest game for the unexpanded VIC-20! 100% Hewcol, 100% TRSE!Download from itch.ioDec 202258
Alien FinaleC64 PalDemo"Alien Finale" - Worrior1's PETSCII Alien Finale C64 masterpiece. Music by mA2E, code by leuat, 100% TRSE.Download from CSDBDec 202257
The Science Into MeC64 PalIntroReleased by The Fancy Rats at Xenium 2022Download from csdbAug 202256
SkyboxC64 PalDemoSkybox by Extend, released at ZooParty 2022, 4th place. A couple of the effects were made with TRSEDownload from csdbOct 202255
HeartMixC64 PalDemoHeartMix by Artline Designs,Extend,Virtual Dreams. Released at Zoo 2022, 7th place. 100% TRSE!Download from csdbOct 202254
All Hallow's eve (1 part)C64 PalDemoAll Hallows Eve - the largest C64 halloween demo ever made. One of the parts ("grim reaper") was made by Leuat with TRSE.Download from CSDBOct 202253
Pac-godC64 PalDemoPac-God by Mirazulado - 1st place at FlashParty 2022! DemozooOct 202252
HopscotchAmiga 500 OCSDemoProxima's first full-length hyper-modern super deep 2-minute A500 demo! 100% TRSE, code+resources will be included as a sample project in TRSE.Download from PouetJuly 202251
SalvagedC64 PalDemo"Salvaged" by Proxima, released at Revision 2022. 100% TRSE!Download from csdbApril 202250
SNG InvitetroC64 PalIntroTweak and Maze's SNG Invitetro!Link on demozooApril 202249
Scuba DiverVIC-20GameInspired by the Oric game by Ronald Jeffs 1984. Made by Zapusten using TRSE DownloadJan 202248
Big Pixel IntroC64 PalIntroBig Pixel Intro is Zzarko's first 16kb C64 intro - in 80x50 pixel mode! Download from csdbDec 202147
MillipedeVZ200GameThe original Centipede game comes to the VZ200! Written by Jason Oakley, 100% TRSE!Download from itch.ioDec 202146
Beep!32k BBC MicroDemoBeep! is a demo by Proxima made for the original BBC Micro. Released at the Deadline demoparty 2021. 100% TRSE! Download from pouetOct 202145
Night KnightC64 PalGameThis is a C64 port of the amazing MSX game Night Knight. C64 code, graphics and sound by Aris Kavalos. Original MSX version by the legendary Juan J. Martinez. Made wtih TRSE!Download from itch.ioSept 202144
El FierroC64 PalIntroEl Fierro won 1st place at the FlashParty 2021 old school in intro compo. Made by Mirazulado.Sept 202143
Uridium Fighters DemoC64 PalDemoUFD is a Hokuto Force tribute to the venerable C64 game Uridium. Design by Worrior1, code by Pushead, 100% TRSE! Download from CSDBApril 202142
You make me smileAmiga 500 OCSMini intro"You make me smile" by Desire is a very small intro made for playing a tune by mA2E and No-XS. Code by Leuat, made in 2 hours using TRSE. Included as a sample project.Download from pouetApril 202141
Morphine (1 part)Amiga 500 OCSDemoMorphine by Offence is an Amiga OCS demo where 1 part was made by Leuat using TRSE (rotating "offence" scroller)Download from pouet.netApril 202140
Flashparty 2021 invitationC64 PalIntroInvitation to Flashparty 2021 by PVM. 100% TRSE!Download from CSDBApril 202139
Pickaxe PeteC64 PalGamePickaxe Pete is a C64 port of the original Philips Videopac game. Created by Gareth Alldread, 100% TRSE!
Download from GithubMarch 202138
PetFrogPET PalGamePet Frog is a small game for the Commodore PET. Created by Chris Garrett.Download from githubJan 202137
Cheesy TrialsVIC-20GameGuide Echo Mouse through a frantic series of cheesy trials! Game won shared 1st prize at the The64 winter game dev compo 2020.Made by Hewco, 100% TRSEDownloadDec 202036
Escape 2020VIC 20 Pal + NTSCGameIt is 2020. It has been 2020 forever. It will be 2020 forever more. You must escape 2020. A game for the unexpanded VIC-20 by Hewco. 100% TRSE!Download from Itch.ioJan 202135
1981C64 PalDemo1981 is a soviet-themed new-years eve holiday special made by Proxima and Desire! Code and linking done with TRSE.Download from CSDBJan 202134
Christmas Megademo 2020C64 PalDemoThe greatest Christmas demo ever made! Two of the parts were made with TRSE by LeuatDownload from CSDBDec 202033
Pal sine hønerC64 Pal(Birthday) DemoBirthday demo for Pal^Offence. 4 first effects + all linking made in TRSE. Code by Leuat. Made in 36 hours on a remote cabin filled with especially handsome c64 folks.Download from CSDBNov 202032
MørketidAmstrad CPC 464 Pal40kb Intro"Mørketid" is a one-file 40kb demo released at Syntax 2020. Music by Mibri, code by LeuatNov 202031
ChromeoverC64 PalOne-file introChromeover is a small one-file one-effect intro showing off Maze's and Optics abilities on the C64! Code by Leuat. 4th at DemoSplash 2020.Download from CSDBNov 202030
Flangry Bird 101C64 PalGameGame by Phaze101. Made for the retro programmers inside challenge.Download from CSDBOct 202029
Hillbilly High on BanjoC64 PalOne-file introHokuto Force production. Code by Pushead, music by Nordischsound, graphics by GrassDownload from CSDBOct 202028
Split'n MovetroC64 PalCracktro / One-file demoHokuto Force production released at Function 2020.
Code by Pushead, music by Dustbin, gfx by Geir Straume and Mucky. 100% made with TRSE!
Download from CSDBSept 202027
CuarentenautaC64 Pal / NTSCDemoCuarentenauta is a PVM production that won 1st place in the Retro compo at Flashparty 2020. Written with TRSE!Download from CSDBJuly 202026
Yo-grl makes a demoGame Boy (original)Demo2nd place in the old school demo compo at Solskogen 2020. Made 100% with TRSE. Full project source code is included with TRSE from version 0.11.Download / view on Pouet.netJuly 202025
FloskelC64 PalIntroProxima's contribution to the "2020 Most Unreadable Scroller Compo (Mibri Edition)" on CSDB. Code by Leuat, music by Response. Made with TRSE. Download from CSDBMay 202024
ChillobitsAmiga 500DemoDemo by Offence, placed 1st in the Amiga demo compo at Revision 2020. The dual twister part was made by Leuat and written in 100% TRSELink to pouetApril 202023
OK ComputerOK64DemoThe first demo made for the OK64. Participated in the "wild" compo at Revision 2020.Included in TRSE as a sample project.April 202022
Radio Free TruthC64 PalDual sid music playerMibri's dual sid contribution to Revision 2020. Code by Leuat, 100% TRSEDownload from CSDBApril 202021

Extend $2B16
C64 PalOne-file demoIntro by Extend, released at Kozmos xxxxDownload from CSDBFeb 202020
Retronizacja 4 InvitationC64 PalInvitation IntroInvitation intro by Fancy RatsDownload from CSDBFeb 202019
PumpkidVIC-20 PalGamePumpkid is a 16kb halloween horror game for the expanded VIC-20. Made by Andy H/HewCo using 100% TRSE!Download from itch.ioOct 201918
Wizard of WorC64 PalDemoHokuto Force production.
Code by Pushead, script gfx and story by Worrior1, music by c0zmo. 100% TRSE.
Download from CSDBOct 201917
Vic NibblerVIC-20 PalGameVic Nibbler is a 3.5kb game for the unexpanded VIC-20. Made by Andy H/HewCo using TRSE.Download from Itch.ioAug 201916
Low GearC64 PalIntroFirst intro by the Fancy Rats a new demo group from Poland. 100% created with TRSE by RimeDownload from CSDBJuly 201915
ArousedC64 PalC64 DemoProxima's first full-feature Commodore 64 demo. Code by Leuat & Pushead, gfx by The Diad, Mibri by Music. 100% TRSE!Download from CSDBJul 201914
What is special order #937?C64 Pal + NTSCDemoHokuto Force production.
Code by Pushead, script gfx and story by Worrior1, music by Mibri. 100% TRSE.
Download from CSDBMay 201913
Rivalry ("Turn Disk" effect)C64 PalDemoC64 demo of the year, 1st place at Revision 2019. Collaboration between Genesis Project, Offence, Censor, Fairlight and Bonzai. *Leuat* had the honor of creating the turn disk part - which is 100% TRSE, naturally. Download from CSDBApril 201912
The Crack in the Cosmic EggC64 Pal + NTSCDemoHokuto Force production.
Code by Pushead, script gfx and story by Worrior1, music by Mibri. 100% TRSE.
Download from CSDBApril 201911
Monomania (second last effect)C64 PalDemo"Monomania" C64 demo by Offence, 2nd at Fjälldata 2019. Different parts by different people, second last part (rotating toruses) by Leuat, naturally written in TRSEDownload from CSDBMarch 201910
Purple Planet YoVIC-20 Pal / NTSCVIC 20 DemoProxima's first demo in 20 years! Now for VIC-20. Code/GFX by Leuat, 100% TRSE! DownloadMarch 20199
Space InvadersC64 Pal / NTSCDemoHokuto Force production.
Code by Pushead, script gfx and story by Worrior1, music by Mibri. 100% TRSE.
Download from CSDBFeb 20198
Awakening Computer - Alien Opening SceneC64 Pal + NTSCDemoHokuto Force production.
Code by Pushead, script gfx and story by Worrior1, music by Mibri. 100% TRSE.
Download from CSDBDec 20187
$4K DreamsC64 PalCracktroLemonSpawn's first cracktro!

Code/gfx by Leuat
Music by Warlord

100% TRSE! Will be included in the TRSE framework as an example project from version 0.06
Download from CSDBNov 20186
Vixmas 2018VIC 20 Pal + NTSCVIC 20 Xmas DemoHokuto Force
Code & gfx by Leuat
Music by Warlord
Help by Majikeyric
Font by Arlek

This demo will be part of the TRSE tutorials from version 0.06
DownloadNov 20185
Alien TrailerC64 Pal + NTSCDemoHokuto Force production.
Code by Pushead, script gfx and story by Worrior1, music by Mibri. 100% TRSE.
Download from CSDBNov 20184
F600 X-2018 demoC64 PalDemoHokuto Force & PVM. Music by Uctumi GFX by alakran and arlequin Code by Leuat. 100% TRSE!Download from CSDBOct 20183
Halloween the 40th Anniversary Celebration Demo
C64 Pal + NTSCDemoHokuto Force production.
Code by Pushead, script gfx and story by Worrior1, music by Mibri. 100% TRSE.
Download from CSDBOct 20182
C64 PalGameTakoNeko will be released spring 2019???1
Rogue Burger OneC64 PalGameRogue Burger One is a tutorial game that is included with the TRSE framework. All code/gfx by Leuat ^ Lemonspawn ^ Hokuto Force, music by Richard Bayliss^TNDDownload from itch.ioAug 20180