Turbo Rascal SE Tutorials

Turbo Rascal SE tutorials

All tutorials are included in the TRSE software package.

Setup & introduction

Setting up the various emulators

Summary of TRSE syntax

TRSE C64 Disk project tutorial

An important note: the TRSE enables rapid development of C64 programs. However, this does not mean that core concepts are simplified: the TRSE framework is simply an extremely fast and convenient way of transforming simple Rascal code to c64 assembler. There are no types, no type checks, no “ease of use”. For instance, in order to draw sprites, you will need to understand how the VIC works and how the C64 handles memory and sprites. For now, there simply aren’t any “define a sprite, here’s the picture!”-kind of modern unity-like ways of doing things.

However, this doesn’t mean that developing for the C64 is especially hard. You will have to learn how to think a bit differently, but when you have grasped the essentials, developing games and demos for the C64 using Turbo Rascal SE is quite rewarding indeed.

Please note: Since version 0.08, tutorials have been completely reorganized, and tutorials are now organized in specific system tutorials accessible from the main window in the TRSE application. These tutorials range from basic language introductions, easy C64 programming, advanced topics – and real-life projects (demos / games)  that have been released.

Be sure to check out the “Main C64 tutorials” project, as it contains a detailed introduction to the language used in TRSE.