Setup and introduction

Turbo Rascal Syntax error, “;” expected but “BEGIN” runs as a stand-alone application on windows, linux and OS X.

You need to go through four hard-core tasks before being able to compile programs for TRSE :

  1. Procure your favorite emulator, such as vice(C64/C128/PET/PLUS4/VIC20), mednafen(NES) or fs-uae (Amiga)
  2. Open the Settings page of TRSE and select the location of the emulators  (like, x64.exe for VICE)
  3. Select a project directory, like the one with all the tutorials. There are several kinds of tutorials, ranging from general-introduction to games to demos and disk access tutorials etc.
    1. C64
    2. Vic20
    3. NES
    4. Amiga 500
    5. C128
    6. Fjong ray-tracer (C64 examples)
  4. Lots and lots of intoxicating beverages

How to compile

The TRSE editor will display all valid files in the current project directory, which includes the following file types

  • .RAS :  Turbo Rascal source files
  • .ASM : Compiled DASM-style MOS6502 assembler files
  • .PRG : Compiled C64 programs
  • .PAW : TRSE Packing & disk file
  • .FLF : TRSE image format (sprites, charsets, images, amiga, C64, VIC-20)
  • .FJO : Ray tracer source files.

To open a file, double click it.

To compile a RAS file, press ctrl+B to build and ctrl+R to run (which will also build first). The compile step first produces Dasm .ASM files, before compiling the PRG to a PRG file.

Errors in the RAS file will shift the focus to the line where the error occurred. Perhaps. Does’t always work yet.

ctrl-U generates a complete memory map of the current project. Here’s an example from the tutorial game Rogue Burger One:

TRSE Syntax

You can find a summary of the syntax in TRSE here.